Build your city. Then learn to govern it!

You're the Mayor

As our students build a fully-planned and intricately-designed model Lego city, they also learn to govern it. Students learn about elections, constitutions, flags, currency, economics, budgets and the environment as they serve on a city council which must make key governing decisions about the city. Students have the opportunity to run for mayor, open their own business, debate city issues and respond to natural disasters and citizen concerns. Social studies, history and civics have never been so fun!

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Click below to view portions of the teacher's You're the Mayor lesson plan as well as some of the guiding project sheets that the students use in the class.
Click below to download an example of a powerpoint your child will see. This presentation introduces our students to elections and the democratic process.
Students see examples of actual political speeches and debates, such as this exchange between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama from the 2012 presidential election.
In this class, students will:
  • Serve as a mayor for a fictional town of their own creation
  • Learn about constitutions and laws and create a city constitution
  • Learn about the meaning of symbols on flags and design their own city flag
  • Run for re-election and create a campaign platform stating opinions on each of the campaign issues
  • Give a campaign re-election speech to voters outlining issue positions
  • Learn about important civics-related topics as taxes, immigration, the environment and the First Amendment
  • Learn about the relationships between mayors and city councils as well as with constituents
  • Learn about and make decisions related to urban environmental issues

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