Study Hurricanes and Tornadoes, Read the Magic Treehouse and Create a PowerPoint

9 or 14 Diamond Project

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In this project, we will be studying wild weather. Then you are going to choose whether to dig deeper in studying either tornadoes or hurricanes. You will choose to read a short historical novel about one or the other. Both are Magic Treehouse books. You can also choose to earn from 14 points and try to do both. You will also be creating a powerpoint on either hurricanes, tornadoes or both. Last you will make sure Montessori City by creating an underground weather bunker for the city.


To begin with, I want to introduce you to wild weather through a powerpoint. Read the powerpoint to get an overview of some wild weather that meteorologists around the world have to try to predict.

Click above to download the wild weather PowerPoint.


Next you are going to choose to read one of the two Magic Treehouse books to the right. You may not have read one of these Jack & Annie books for a while (or ever) but they are the perfect books to read to learn more about tornadoes and hurricanes in a fun way.

The hurricane story takes place in 1900 during the great Galveston hurricane that hit the Texas town. It is one of the most famous hurricanes in history. 

The tornado story takes you back to the 1870s and the Great Plains of the United States. You will learn what life was like "on the prairie" before Jack & Annie find themselves in the path of a furious tornado. 

You can find both books on Amazon Kindle for a relatively small fee. They can be found in almost any public library as well.

Here are the links to the Kindle versions:

Twister on Tuesday

Hurricane Heroes in Texas

Next, you are going to create a powerpoint about what you learned in the Magic Treehouse books. But first I want to make sure you know how to create a PowerPoint. Download the PowerPoint to the right to learn more about how to create a PowerPoint.

Note: It also fine to create your presentation in something other than PowerPoint if you do not have PowerPoint on your computer. You can also contact Teacher Matt if you have a question about what to use.

Also please note that depending on what version you have, your PowerPoint may have slightly different commands.

Download the PowerPoint above to find out more about PowerPoint.


Now you are going to create your own PowerPoint on one of the two Magic Treehouse books that you read. If you read both, you can create two PowerPoints, one for each book if you are going for the full 14 points.

Here are the requirements for the powerpoints:

*It should be at least 12 slides long but no more than 20

*It should tell BOTH about the Jack & Annie story and some of the facts you learned in the book about either hurricanes or tornadoes. 

*You have at least 5 interesting "transitions"

*Each slide should have a photo (it could be a photo of a tornado, a photo of Jack & Annie, a photo of Galveston or anything else relevant)

*You should have at least 2 clip arts

*Try to make your PowerPoint as interesting and colorful as possible.

*You'll be presenting your PowerPoint to Teacher Matt. Upload your PowerPoint to your folder on Google Drive.


The final step is to create a shelter for the residents of Montessori City in case of a hurricane or tornado.

Cities that are potentially in high warning areas for hurricanes or tornadoes often create bunkers or shelters in case people need to hide from the storm. Unfortunately, Montessori City is located in a spot where a tornado or hurricane could damage the city.

Take a look at the government website to the right. This may help you in thinking a bit about what bunker might consist of. 


Now you are ready to create your shelter or bunker.

Here are the requirements:

*It can either be a below ground bunker or it can be an above ground building with extremely solid walls.

*If it is a below ground bunker, it should have a small above ground entrance with a sign and stairs.

*If it is an above ground building, it should have a sign and entrance.

*It should be able to house at least 20 people for up to one week. It should have beds for each person and plenty of food and water saved up.

*You should also think about what the people will do each day. What can you build to make it easier to stay there for a period time.

*Don't forget bathrooms and showers

Be ready to present your bunker or shelter to Teacher Matt


*View the powerpoint on Wild Weather and be ready to discuss

*Read one of the two (or both!) Magic Treehouse books mentioned above

*Read the PowerPoint on how to create PowerPoints

*Create a PowerPoint about the book you read as described above. (You can also create two PowerPoints if you read both books and you are trying for 14 Diamonds)

*Build an underground bunker or shelter meeting the requirements above. (Even if you are going for 14 points, you only need to create one)


*Teacher Matt is grading out of a possible 9 or 14 Diamonds for this project depending on whether you want to try one book and PowerPoint or both.