This website is designed to expedite the teacher training process and to allow teachers to learn about the programs on their own time. At the end of this training, we have included a short "exit ticket" to verify that we are on the same page in terms of program implementation. Please read through the site carefully and submit the exit ticket at the end of the process. 


Back in our first year of implementing after-school programs, we had largely positive feedback from parents and school directors. But when there was negative feedback, it almost always involved classroom behavior management. It can be difficult to go into a new school and get kids to listen and follow rules. For that reason, we have implemented an effective classroom management program called Class Dojo. This is a point & prize system used in schools all around the nation. Kids generally find it fun and teachers find that it makes it easier to manage a class of kids they don't know.

To begin, surf to classdojo.com and log into our account. 

Login: matt@rightbraincurriculum.com

Password: rbcrbc2019

If we have already received the roster for your class, we have probably entered the kids' names into your class on class dojo. If so, you will see your name and the town/program such as "Matt Dover Business Sharks."  Feel free to go into the class section or if you don't see your class yet, you can go into one of the other classes to see what a class looks like.

Then take a look at the introductory video about how to use Class Dojo below. It is about 6 minutes long.


Next, we want to talk a bit about how our curriculum works.

Begin by viewing the curriculum for the program you will teach on Google Drive. By now, Matt should have shared it with you there. The folder on Google Drive will look similar to the photo below. You want to start with the lesson plan document (see the arrow). Note that your program's lesson plan may be a different color.The lesson plan document will guide you through the rest of the program.

Next, watch the video training video below for the program that you will be teaching. When you finish, we will ask you to take a short exit ticket to make sure we are on the same page in terms of what was discussed in the video. Below you will find videos for five of our programs. You may want to expand the video when you are watching it.

Note: If you do not see the program you are teaching here, it means that we will be doing the training in person. Also apologies for the abruptness of the video in the certain places. Some of these videos used to be segments in larger videos.



Business Sharks Exit Ticket

Expert Architects Exit Ticket

Public Speaking Exit Ticket

Writing Wizards Exit Ticket


Finally, what follows is some important information regarding program logistics. This is general info that applies to all or most of our programs. You will also receive a summary email related to your specific program with info such as the WIFI log-in at the location at which you will teach, the address of the school or center and the dismissal procedure.

*It is best if you download the first video for the program onto your laptop for offline viewing just in case there is some kind of issue with the Internet at your assigned school or center. We don't want you to be left without anything to show the kids.

The easiest way to do this is to download a program called Realplayer. If you can download the free program, it is then very easy to download any video. Here's the Realplayer link: http://www.real.com/resources/download-video/ (just click on the box on the top right hand side that says "download now.") Another way is by using the web browser called Torch to download the video. Let me know if you have trouble with this and I can walk you through it.

*Please try to anticipate any traffic or delays getting to the school or site. Many times there is no other coverage for the students, so a late teacher can really cause problems at the site.

*Please keep any extra copies and return them to Matt, as we will use these in future programs.

*Also, please hold onto and return any unused materials.

*If there are any issues in class such as students misbehaving, parents arriving late or kids who are very unmotivated, please email Matt right
away so we can help. Waiting to hope it gets better rarely works, in our experience.

Thanks again!