Create Montessori City's NewHarbor Statue

14Diamond Project

Located near the harbor


In this project, we will be studying landmarks and the Statue of Liberty. First, we will see a video from Teacher Matt about landmarks around the world. Next, we will focus specifically on the Statue of Liberty by reading a book that is on Amazon Kindle. Next, you will play a game from Big Fish Games in which you try to build the Statue of Liberty as quickly as possible. Last, you will build a monument in the Montessori City Harbor. It will not be the Statue of Liberty but a statue of your own design.


To begin with, I want to introduce you to landmarks around the world. This is a video that Teacher Matt recorded for one of our programs called Lego Civics. Watch the video as an introduction to landmarks.

Click above to link to the video about landmarks.


Next you are going to read a book all about the history of the Statue of Liberty. The book is rather long which is why this project is worth 14 points.

This book can be purchased on Amazon Kindle for a relatively low price. Make sure to ask your family if you are allowed to purchase it. 

Please note that the book is 114 pages long (photos included) and is at a grade 3-7 reading level, ages 8-12.

It is also certainly OK to read the book, or portions of the book, with a parent. 

Here is the link to the Amazon Kindle version ($5.99)

Here is the link to the book which you can purchase used ($1.27)

Next, you are going to answer some questions about what you read.

Download the question sheet to the right so you can answer some questions.


The next activity relates to a fun game that we found online. In the game, you try to build the Statue of Liberty. You can see a preview of the game to the right.

The game can be purchased but you can simply try it out using the free trial to see if you like it. Be ready to report what you thought of the game when you present to Teacher Matt.

You can find it at this link.

Please let me know if you have trouble downloading or playing the free trial.


The final step is to create a monument for the harbor of Montessori City. Like in New York, the statue will stand in or near the harbor. You could place it on the land near the harbor or you could build a small island and place it in the harbor.

Please make sure to fulfill these requirements when constructing your statue:

*Like the Statue of Liberty, it should be placed on a pedestal with an interesting design.

*It should face out into the water

*The Statue of Liberty symbolizes freedom and liberty. Your statue should symbolize something positive about Montessori City too such as:



*freedom (like the S.O.L.)

*individual rights



*Something else you want it to symbolize

*The Statue of Liberty holds a book and a torch. You have at least two details on your statue too.


*View the video on landmarks

*Read the book What is the Statue of Liberty? by Joan Holub

*Write the 10 most interesting facts you found when reading the book (or record a video as mentioned above)

*Try out the game Monument Builders: Statue of Liberty (free trial version)


*Teacher Matt is grading out of a possible 14Diamonds for Excellent Work for this project.