Give an Informative Speech on a Topic of Your Choice

15  Diamond Project

Located at the Gatos Theater


In this project, you are going to give and record an informational speech. It can be on a topic of your choice. Before giving the speech, you are going to learn some public speaking techniques and you'll critique some other speakers. Then you will plan and deliver your own speech. Finally, in Montessori City, you will build an auditorium where our residents can hear speeches delivered.


To begin with, I'd like you to view a video from Teacher Matt about giving an informational speech. It will teach you some techniques for planning out a speech and then ask you to plan a speech.

Then take a look at each of the three sheets to the right. Make sure to download the planner sheet, fill it out for your speech and upload it to your folder onGoogle Drive.

Click above to download a handy sheet of possible topic categories

Click on the picture above to download an example of how to plan out your speech.

Click the picture to download the informative speech planner. Fill it out and upload it to your folder on Google Drive.


Now that you have your informative speech planner, I will show you how to transfer it over to notecards. Watch the video and then transfer your speech over to notecards the way we show you in the video.


Now I'd like you to see a video from Teacher Matt about some good techniques for giving a speech, including:

*Speaking in a Loud Voice

*Making Eye Contact

*Standing with Good Posture

Next, I'd like you to view a speech from a high school student and I'd like you to critique what you liked and did not like about her speech. Watch the intro from Teacher Matt and the video below on the left and then download the critique sheet and write or type in your answers on the sheet below.

Next, you are going to give your speech and record it. You might give the speech a few times and send the best version.

Make sure to remember to focus on...

*Speaking in a loud voice

*Making eye contact with different members of the audience (you may have to imagine that you have a crowd of people watching you)

*Standing with good posture

*Having an interesting hook in your speech

*Speaking with note cards

*Having lots of interesting information in your speech

Once you have the recording that you like best, upload the video into your folder on Google Drive.

For the last step in this project, you are going to design an auditorium in Montessori City. Sticking with the theme of this project, we want to create a place where citizens of Montessori City can give speeches. These could be speeches given by political candidates, the mayor or famous people. The auditorium might also be used for plays, debates or concerts.

Take a look at some of the examples of the inside and outside of some auditoriums around the country...

Make sure to have the following in your auditorium:

*A stage area (curtain is optional)

*Lots of seating

*Exits to get out to the lobby area

*A lobby area

*a snack or food area

*Multiple exits (a lot of people will be exiting at the same time)

*Decorations on the outside of the auditorium such as columns or an interesting architectural style (see the examples)

Be ready to present your auditorium to Teacher Matt


*Watch the video about informative speech planner

*Fill out your informative speech planner and upload it to your folder on Google Drive

*Watch the video about Using notecards

*Using your informative speech planner, create your pack of notecards

*Watch the video pointing out some public speaking techniques

*Critique the speech of the high school girl and upload your critique sheet to your folder on Google Drive

*Record your speech and upload it to your folder on Google Drive

*Create your auditorium in Montessori City


*Teacher Matt is grading out of a possible 15 Diamonds for Excellent Work