Build a Skyscraper Website

9 Diamond Project

Located at the Gatos Theater


Today we will be looking closely at skyscrapers around the world. After learning more about skyscrapers and their history, you will be using a book to learn more about skyscraper facts. Then you will be creating your own website all about what you learned and know about skyscrapers. Finally, you will be designing a skyscraper for Montessori City!


To start take a look at Teacher Matt's video presentation about skyscrapers and how they begin. This is a video from one of our programs called Expert Architects and gives a good background for what skyscrapers are all about.

Click to watch the video about skyscraper history.

Download the question sheet about the video above. Answer the questions either by typing in the answers or printing out the sheet, writing your answers and uploading it in your folder on Google Drive. Click to the right to download the file...

Download the worksheet above and type or write in your answers.


To the right is a video about the Burj Khalifa that was filmed by the television show, Good Morning America. It was recorded when the building was open. At the time, the skyscraper was going to be called Burj Dubai but they later changed the name to Burj Khalifa. Take a look at the video, while thinking about what your skyscraper in Montessori City might look like.


Next, I'd like you to explore the website Building Big: Skyscrapers. Check out all the information they have about skyscrapers around the world. Try the Skyscraper Challenge. Check out the Loads Lab and take a look at the interviews with real life engineers.

But what I really want you to focus on is the section to the bottom left where there are facts about particular buildings. We will be using this for our website project in Step 6.


Next you are going to create a poster about 4 of the skyscrapers on the Building Big page that you choose. Download the skyscraper example page to the right. Then take a 22 x 28 in posterboard (the kind you can find in Walmart or Target) and a ruler. You want to create the boxes carefully with a ruler. Then you are going to sketch a picture of each of the 4 skyscrapers that you choose from the Building Big website and color the pictures. Make sure to use a ruler for straight lines. Finally, using what you learned about the buildings on the Building Big website, you can write 2 interesting facts that you found out.

Important: Don't just copy the facts off the website, try to restate what you found out in your own words.

Then take a photo of your poster and upload it to your folder on Google Drive. Be ready to present it to Teacher Matt.


Finally, you are going to create a skyscraper in Montessori City.


*Your skyscraper must be at least 40 blocks high but no more than 500 blocks high

*It should have an observatory so people can go to the top and look out on Montessori City.

*Make sure it has an elevator (this can be decoration, it doesn't have to work)

*It should have a plaza and garden area surrounding the skyscraper. 

*it should have some kind of interesting top, not just a flat top. Try not to build a boring skyscraper like the one to the right. 

*It should have at least one antenna at the top

Don't be boring like the skyscraper above :)


*See the video on skyscrapers

*Answer the questions about the video and upload it to your folder

*Watch the Burj Khalifa video

*Visit the Building Big website and check it out, particularly the part about various skyscrapers

*Choose 4 of the skyscrapers on the Building Big website and create a poster like the one in the example

*Create your own skyscraper in Montessori City


*Teacher Matt is grading out of a possible 9 Diamonds for Excellent Work