Design an Old-Fashioned and a Modern School (Plus, take some pictures around town!)

12 Diamond Project

Located at the Gatos Theater


In this project, we will be talking about how the world looked 100 years ago and how it looks today. We will particularly look at schools but also some other common buildings you will see in your town or city. We will ask you to take some pictures in your neighborhood. Finally, after learning about how one-room school houses looked 100 years ago, you will create a modern and an old-fashioned school for Montessori City.


In this project, you will be building an old-fashioned one-room schoolhouse, like the kind that existed 100 years ago and earlier. Let's learn a little about how schools have changed over time. Download the powerpoint to the right to find out more about how schools have changed.

Download the powerpoint above.

Download the question sheet about the powerpoint above. Answer the questions either by typing in the answers or printing out the sheet, writing your answers and uploading it in your folder on Google Drive. Click to the right to download the file.


Of course, it is not only schools that have changed in the last century or more. Now I'd like you to expand your thinking to include things like grocery stores, gas stations and clothing stores and think about how those have changed. Take a look at these videos here, they show us how some of these things have changed. The first one shows a general store that still looks like the way it would have a long time ago. Then we see an old-fashioned clothing store. The last video shows different pictures of gas stations from a long time ago (you don't have to watch all of the gas station video, but watch enough that you get a sense of how they looked).


Now I'd like you to get out and take some photographs! Download the "Then & Now" Photos document. You will see that there are four different old photos. I want you to take photos of the same places but how they look today. Then I'd like you to write at least two sentences below each modernpicture (typing is probably easiest) describing how those things have changed.


The last step is to create two schools in Montessori City. They do NOT need to be located near each other. The first one is an old-fashioned one-room school house. This one should look similar to the pictures you saw of the one-room school houses in the PowerPoint. You might have two entrances, one for girls and one for boys. The stove would be up near the front of the room by the blackboard. Make sure the desks are in rows. You might have a bell at the top of the schoolhouse.

For the modern school, make sure to have these things:

*A playground

*A principal's office

*At least 5 classrooms

*A lunch room, cafeteria or auditorium


*A gym

*A fence around the outside

Be ready to present your two schools to Teacher Matt.


*Read the PowerPoint on one-room schoolhouses

*Answer the question sheet about the PowerPoint

*Watch the videos of the old-fashioned buildings

*Take the 4 photos for the Then & Now sheet as instructed. Insert them into the word document and write at least 2 sentences for each, explaining how those buildings have changed over time.

*Build a modern elementary school and an old-fashioned one room schoolhouse as described.

*Upload all of the documents and be ready to present to Teacher Matt


*Teacher Matt is grading out of a possible 12 Diamonds for Excellent Work