Write an Actual  Yelp Restaurant Review!

10 Diamond Project

Located at an Empty Restaurant in Homeschool City


In this project, you are going to learn how to be a restaurant critic and then visit a restaurant in order to write your own review. I will teach you how to write a restaurant review so you know what to look for when you are at the restaurant. When you go to the restaurant that you and your family chose, you will take notes on your eating experience, take photos of the restaurant and food and maybe even interview the owner! Then when you get home, you will write a review and post it on the Yelp website along with the photos. Lastly, having learned some of the important aspects of a successful restaurant, you will build a new restaurant in HomeschoolCity.


Have you ever heard of Yelp? It is a website in which anybody (someone like you!) can go on the site or app and review anything and say how good or bad it is. For instance, you could review a hair salon or a store or an auto repair shop. For instance, if your family took your car to the mechanic and they did a really amazing job fixing your family's car, you might give the repair shop 5 stars and a great review. If your car was still broken when you got it back, you might give it 1 star and a bad review. 

However, the most common things that are reviewed on Yelp are restaurants. That is what we are going to review. But first, take a look at this video to the right all about what Yelp is, so that you are familiar with it. 

Watch the first minute of this video about Yelp above. This videois a good summary of what the website is. You can skip the last half minute, that part is for business owners.


Now I'd like you to explore Yelp a little bit and see how it is organized. Go onto Yelp.com and you will likely see listings for different restaurants and other things that are near where you live. Take a look a few of the restaurant pages and then answer the questions about what you saw in the Word document to the right. 

Click above to go to Yelp.com and explore!

Download the Word document above and answer the questions about the Yelp website.

Next, I'd like you to download and read the powerpoint to the right all about writing restaurant reviews. 

Now you are going to go to a restaurant and take notes and photos. Remember these rules about your trip...

1. You have to go to the restaurant especially for this review. You aren't allowed to try to remember a restaurant trip you took before and write a review of that restaurant.
2. It can be a new restaurant or one that you went to before but it has to be a new trip.
3. If you want to try to earn 10 Diamonds for this project, you can see if your parents can set up an interview with the owner of the restaurant or a manager in the restaurant. But this is totally optional for if you want to earn 10 Diamonds.
4. Try to have a taste of not only what you order but what other people in your family or group order.
5. Try to notice not just the food but things like such as: *whether it is easy to park

*the decorations in the restaurant or “atmosphere” of the restaurant

*the service (how nice and helpful is the waiter or waitress)

*how long is the wait to get a table and how long do you have to wait for your food.

6. Take lots of pictures of the food, the outside of the restaurant and the inside of the restaurant.
7. Take notes about your experience so you remember everything.

BONUS: As mentioned above, you can earn 10 Diamonds instead of 8 Diamonds by interviewing the owner. This is totally optional. In some cases it may be impossible. However, if you want to try, ask your parent if they can help you set up an interview with the owner. For some classes here in Boston, we have had students ask restaurant owners for interviews, and if the parents explain the project, the owners are usually happy to do it.

If you do decide to interview the owner, try to think of 5 questions ahead of time to ask. You can ask about when and how the restaurant started, how they choose the dishes, what the owner did before opening the restaurant and how he or she got into the restaurant business. To earn the extra diamonds, you can take a picture of your 5 questions you wrote down or you can take a picture of yourself interviewing the owner. Be ready to discuss how the interview went with Teacher Matt.


Now that you have gone to the restaurant and reviewed it, it is time to write your review on Yelp. To write a review you might need to log into Yelp with an email address. You could use your own email or that of a parent. You should click "sign up" in the top right corner. 

Next search for the restaurant you visited and then click "Write a Review." You can also click to "Add photos"

Finally, you will write the review, add your stars and post the review. 

Your review has to have 7 sections as shown below. 

These are the sections: 

1. Introduction (1 sentence)

2. The main dish (3 sentences)

3. Dessert or appetizers or drinks (3 sentences)

4. The atmosphere or how the restaurant looked (3 sentences)

5. The service/waiter (3 sentences)

6. Anything else you want to add like parking, wait time, or anything you found out in the interview (if you did one) (1 or more sentence)

7. Conclusion/wrap up. How many stars and why... (1 sentence)

Then make sure to add your photos that you took and edit your review to make sure it does not have any obvious spelling errors or silly mistakes. :)

After all, this will be on the Internet and anyone can read it anywhere!

Post it when you are ready!


Last, now that you have seen the elements of a successful restaurant, it's time to build your own.

In Homeschool City, you are going to build a restaurant. Make sure it has the following things:

1. A sign

2. Parking lot

3. A kitchen area

4. A seating area

5. Restrooms

6. A place to wait for a table

Be ready to present your restaurant to Teacher Matt


*Watch the video about Yelp and download and answer the questions about Yelp after you have explored the site.

*Read the powerpoint on writing restaurant reviews

*Visit the restaurant and take notes and pictures

*Optional: Interview the owner

*Write your Yelp review and post photos. Pay close attention to the requirements in terms of the sections and number of sentences for your review that are listed in Step 5.

*Post your review on Yelp

*Build your restaurant and present it to Teacher Matt


*Teacher Matt is grading out of a possible 8 Diamonds for Excellent Work or 10 Diamonds if you did the interview.