Public speaking and presenting made fun...not scary!

Your Voice: Public Speaking for Kids

Famously, Americans' number one fear is public speaking while death only ranks as number two. This profound fear starts at an early age. In our Public Speaking class, we take the fear out of speaking before an audience by getting kids talking in front a supportive group about things in which they are interested. Students write speeches on subjects of their choice and practice delivering them to the assembled group. As the kids practice in this low-pressure environment, they learn skills like standing up tall, using a loud voice and making eye contact. They watch the speeches of public figures and critique what is successful and not so successful. As a final project, they create a television news program about their school. If this class is successful, our students won't list public speaking as their #1 fear when they grow up!

Class Specifications:

  • Elementary (Grade 2-5) or Middle School (Grades 6-8) versions available
  • 12-hour program (can be extended upon request)
  • Your Voice can be implemented as an after-school program, summer camp or in-class project
  • Purchase includes teacher training, unlimited support as program is implemented, lesson plan, powerpoints, project guides and marketing materials

In this class, students will:

  • Give speeches on topics that are important to them
  • Learn do's and don'ts in public speaking
  • Watch and critique the speeches of historic figures
  • Participate in debates on kid-friendly topics
  • Help their fellow classmates with their own public-speaking skills
  • Play fun speaking games that will make public speaking less scary
  • Give presentations using Powerpoint
  • Give presentations using visual aides
  • Give a final speech to invited families

Click below to see videos from our Public Speaking class...
Click below to view worksheets from our Public Speaking class:
Click below to download an example of a powerpoint your child will see. Here we introduce students to four things to avoid when making speeches.

Bring Public Speaking to Your School or Center:

Option 1: Purchase of Your Voice: Public Speaking for Kids includes the following:
  • 12-hour lesson plan, student worksheets, direct instruction powerpoints, project guides
  • One hour teacher training via Skype or GotoMeeting
  • Unlimited email correspondence with Right Brain Curriculum as you implement the program
  • Marketing e-blasts you can adapt for your center
  • Marketing fliers you can adapt for your center
  • Our Project-Based Learning Program Implementation Guide
Option 2: We Supply the Teacher and more:
  • We provide the trained teacher, curriculum and all materials
  • We split the profits from the class with your school or center
  • We correspond with parents to introduce our program and curriculum
To make a purchase or find out more about bringing our classes to your school or center, call 781-816-0582 or email us
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