Students serve as the nation's new EPA Director. Now it's time to save the planet!

In this social studies and critical thinking program, students discover that they have just been named the new Director of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). As they are briefed on clean water laws, pollution, car pool lanes, endangered species, overpopulation and other environmental issues, students will begin to prepare a report and presentation to a fictitious president, outlining the EPA's new policy in each area. Students will design a city, considering how to best make it "green," in terms of trash collection, recycling, electrical power and pollution. Our students will be challenged to think critically and creatively in this informative and contemporary class. 

Class Specifications:

  • Elementary (Grade 2-5) or Middle School (Grades 6-8) versions available
  • 12-hour program (can be extended upon request)
  • Green Power can be implemented as an after-school program, summer camp or in-class project
  • Supplies needed include laptop, projector or TV display, poster boards, construction paper, basic art materials

In this class, students will:

  • Serve as the EPA Director for a fictional president and make decisions on key environmental issues
  • Learn about the history of pollution, endangered species and recycling in the United States and around the world 
  • Create an advertising campaign to encourage more drivers to use public transportation
  • Create an environmental plan for a city, including garbage, travel, electricity and recycling services
  • Learn about the electrical grid and how it delivers energy to homes and businesses
  • Devise a personal plan for how they can help the environment in their own life
  • Create a presentation to the "president" outlining a plan for the EPA
Click below to view some of the guiding project sheets that the students use in Green Power.
Click below to download an example of a powerpoint introduced to students. This presentation introduces our students to some of the environmental issues they will have to consider as they become EPA Director.
As the students consider electric grids, they will see this video about how electrical power gets to residences:

Purchasing Information

Option 1: Purchase of Green Power includes the following:
  • 12-hour lesson plan, student worksheets, direct instruction powerpoints, project guides
  • One hour teacher training via Skype or GotoMeeting
  • Unlimited email correspondence with Right Brain Curriculum as you implement the program
  • Marketing e-blasts you can adapt for your center
  • Marketing fliers you can adapt for your center
  • Our Project-Based Learning Program Implementation Guide
Option 2: We Supply the Teacher and More:
  • We provide the trained teacher, curriculum and all materials
  • We split the profits from the class with your school or center
  • We correspond with parents to introduce our program and curriculum
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Above: Photos from a Green Power class in Massachusetts

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