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Metrocraft I (ages 9-13)

Students learn economics, civics, geometry and how democracy works as they work together to create a city within a virtual Minecraft-type world. Minecraft is a limitless platform for students to learn academic skills in a highly engaging virtual environment. In this problem-solving class, students design their own house and business as they learn about budgeting and basic economics. As they serve on a city council, they study how laws are made and work together to create and vote on a city constitution. They work in committees to make key decisions and design buildings for their city. Students use mathematics and geometry to construct a working urban environment. STEM skills have never been so fun!

Cost: $121 

Metrocraft II (ages 9-13)

As our Metrocrafters build the state's newest metropolis, students will each be asked to choose to work with a partner or alone to form a new architectural company. Soon they will find out that various (fictitious) clients are competing for their services!

Each client is a company (supermarket chain, football franchise, bank etc...) that is looking for a specific type of skyscraper or building complex to be built with a specific architectural style and certain requirements. As we study architectural styles and techniques, the student companies choose which client they will work for and then create the requested design as their new city expands.

Meanwhile, each student's company must also invent a new product or promotion for their client. As we study marketing and advertising techniques, students create a marketing campaign, magazine ad, billboard and TV commercial for their newly-created project. 

Cost: $121 

Metrocraft III (ages 10-13)

As the newly-elected mayor of a brand-new Minecraft City, students have their work cut out for them!  During each class, as they work to construct the perfect metropolis, our student mayors receive individually-crafted "telegrams" from fictitious citizens who move into their town as well as a fictitious "cabinet" of advisers.

While each mayor's "Construction Adviser" alerts them to engineering and design issues in their city, an "Environmental Adviser" also presents tough decisions as the mayor tries to keep his or her city "green." The city's Ambassador helps the mayor work on trades and border questions with other student mayors nearby, while the city's "Political Adviser" sends the mayor telegrams to help establish the laws of the city. The mayor keep up his or her poll numbers in an attempt to win re-election as mayor. The class concludes with each student's re-election campaign in their own city.

Student mayors also meet in "state summits" periodically as they negotiate with other mayors in the class on inter-city issues such as shared police and fire services, security, borders and trade.Before the final class they write and give a re-election speech to be recorded with a cell phone camera.

Cost: $121 

Business Sharks (ages 9-13)

In our Business Sharks class, students play the role of young entrepreneurs as they start with the germ of an idea for a business and product and take it through the entire entrepreneurial process. Our students develop prototypes, formulate a business plan and devise a marketing strategy. Using a Minecraft-type program, they create a storefront to sell their products. Meanwhile, students practice their public speaking skills as they create and record “TV commercials,” and create a video version of an “elevator pitch” for the “Sharks.” These young entrepreneurs will really be taking care of business!

Note: This program requires the students to create two videos at home with a tablet or smartphone. Editing software is helpful but not required. We also use a Minecraft-type program called Minetest (for which we send download instructions) in which they create a storefront model. Alternatively, the students can build their storefront with legos at home and take photos for the teacher and class to see. All classes take place in the Zoom classroom.

Cost: $121 

Required Technology

All classes will take place online. We will use two programs, Zoom and Minetest. Zoom is an online classroom that is very easy to use. We will send a Zoom ID number with a code to join the meetings.  We use a public domain version of Minecraft called Minetest which is nearly identical but which works better for our civics-based purposes. We can also create mods easier and have multiple cities within one state. Best of all, it’s free. :) We send out detailed instructions and links to a tutorial for how to download and install the program.

Please note: A PC or Mac laptop is needed for Minetest, Chromebooks and tablets are generally not compatible. A mouse is also very helpful for navigating the game easily.

Our Teacher

Savahna Reuben, Right Brain Curriculum Director of Teaching & Learning

Savahna "Savvy" Reuben has more than 10 years experience working in private, public and charter schools in New York City and Boston.
Her education experience is focused on teaching, curriculum planning and classroom management. Her Master's Degree includes a specialization in autism/intellectual disabilities. She has attended Trinity College and the Teacher's College of Columbia University.

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