Study the Olympics and Prepare HomeschoolCity for an Olympic Bid!

14 Diamond Project

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Please note: Occasionally, we will have so many activities linked to a particular topic that we will split the topics into 2 projects. That is the case with the Olympics. Both Part I and Part II start with the same initial powerpoint introduction but all other activities are different.

In this project, we will be learning about the Olympics. 


To begin with, I want to introduce you to the history of the Olympics in the PowerPoint to the right. Please note that this PowerPoint is used in our other Olympics project as well so if you have already done Step 1 and 2 for that project, you can skip it here. But if you have not, then please do it here.

Click above to download the Olympics PowerPoint.


Now answer the questions on the sheet to the right about the Olympic Games PowerPoint. Write in your answers on the Microsoft Word doc and upload it to your folder on the Homeschool CityGoogle Drive.

Next, I'd like you to get some background on the Summer Olympics by reading part of this book by Gail Herman. It is a very good overview of the Olympics past and present. Click on the picture to the right to visit the website for the Amazon Kindle version of the book. The book can also be purchased used for about $1 or can be found at most public library networks. The Kindle version is $5.99.

Click above to go get the book.


Now using what you learned in the Gail Herman book and the PowerPoint, you are going to create a plan for our city, Homeschool City, to host the Olympic games.

First, you will need a 22 in. x 28 inch posterboard like the ones they sell in Walmart or Target.

Next, download the graphic organizer to the right. This will show you how to organize your poster and what boxes to draw with a ruler.

Now, this is a bid for Montessori City to host the Olympics. You want to plan out what the city will need in order to host the Olympics including:


*transportation and traffic needs

*Hotels and places to stay

*The Olympic mascot

*The Olympic Village

You will plan out everything on the poster as shown in the graphic organizer. Also make sure to...

*Use at least 5 colors on the poster

*Do your best drawing and neatest work

*Use a ruler for all straight lines

Once your poster is done, take a detailed photo of it and upload it to your folder on Google Drive. You may decide to take multiple photos of different sections if that is easier. Be ready to present it to Teacher Matt.

Click on the picture above to download the graphic organizer which shows what your poster will look like.

This page will give you some examples of past Olympic mascots to spur your imagination...

This page will give you some examples of past Olympic villages in orderto spur your imagination...


The final step is to create one piece of your Olympic plan for HomeschoolCity. For instance, you could create a:


*Basketball/Volleyball Arena

*Swimming and Diving Venue

*Olympic Village

*Tennis Center

*Golf Course

Be ready to present your creation to Teacher Matt...

Click on the picture below to go to a Wikipedia page that shows all of the different stadiums, arenas and other venues that were built in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. This should help you choose which type of venue you will build for HomeschoolCity.


*View the powerpoint on the Olympics and write your answers to the question sheet in Step 2. Upload it to Google Drive.

*Read the Gail Herman book What is the Summer Olympics? and use the knowledge you have gained as part of your Step 4 plan

*Create a large plan for a bid to bring the Olympic Games to Montessori City. Follow the graphic organizer in making your poster. For full credit, make sure to use at least 5 colors, do your best work and use a ruler for straight lines.

*Create a stadium, arena or other venue in Homeschool City that could host an Olympic sport.


*Teacher Matt is grading out of a possible 14 Diamonds for this project.