Create a Modern or Classical House (or both!)

11 Diamond Project or

6 Diamond Project

Located at the Gatos Theater



In this project, you will be learning about the differences between modern and classical architecture. After you see a video from Teacher Matt about the differences, you will do a drawing activity and an identification activity. To finish the project you will a modern or classical house in Montessori City for a maximum of 6 Diamonds. If you want to go for 11 Diamonds, you can try to build one of each.


To begin with, I want to introduce you to the difference between classical and modern architecture. Watch this video of Teacher Matt discussing the difference in this video from Expert Architects, one of our after-school programs.

Click above to watch the video.


Now I'd like you to take a look at the Microsoft Word document to the right. It shows a whole bunch of buildings and houses. Some are classical and some are modern. Download the Word doc and write under each one whether you think it is a modern building or a classical building. Then upload it to your folder on Google Drive.

Click the picture above to download the Word document.

Next I'd like you try this activity. Take two pieces of 8.5 x 11 paper or construction paper. On one write classical at the top. On the other write modernist on the top. Then I would like you to design two types of post offices. Make sure to use a ruler and color. The modern post office, you should design in a modernist style. The classical post office should be designed in the classical style we have studied. When you are finished, upload both of your pictures onto Google Drive and be ready to discuss with Teacher Matt why one is classical and one is modernist.

The last step is to create a modern and/or classical house in a residential (housing) area of Montessori City. You can choose to do one of the other for 6 Diamonds or you can do both for 11 Diamonds. 

Here are the requirements for each house:

* It has to be easily identifiable as either Classical or Modernist. Don't forget to include a lot of details demonstrating why it is one or the other.

*It has to have two floors and a basement (not counting the basement)

*It should have at least 8 rooms and must have a kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms

*It should have a roof. It can also have an attic (this doesn't count as an extra floor)

*It should have some kind of yard

Be ready to give a tour of your house(s) to Teacher Matt when you present

*View the video about modernist and classical architecture

*Complete the classical and modernist architecture worksheet and upload it to Google Drive

*Draw pictures of a modernist and classical post office as required above

*Design a modernist and/or classical house and fulfill the requirements above.

*Present everything to Teacher Matt


*Teacher Matt is grading out of a possible 10 Diamonds for Excellent Work for this project.