Economics, civics and math in a virtual Minecraft World

Students learn economics, civics, geometry, history and technology as they work together to create a city within a virtual Minecraft world. Minecraft is a limitless platform for students to learn academic skills in a highly engaging virtual environment. In this problem-solving class, students design their own house and business as they learn about budgeting, profit and loss and supply and demand. As they serve on a city council, they study how laws are made and work together to create and vote on a city constitution of laws. Students use mathematics and geometry to construct a working urban environment. STEM skills have never been so fun!

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Class Syllabus:
Session One
Week 1: Introduction

Background Info: Powerpoint: Welcome to Our City!, Powerpoint: How Cities Get Their Names

Activity: Let's Plan the Construction of Your House, Your Housing Budget

Skills: Budgeting

City Council Debate & Vote: Voting on the City Name Nominees

Week 2: Your Business

Background Info: Powerpoint: "Your Business Plan"

Activity: Continue Constructing Your House, Business Plans

Skills: Business Budgeting, Supply & Demand

City Council Debate & Vote: Gas Cars, Electric Cars or No Cars at All!

Week 3: Our City Flag

Background Info: Powerpoint: "Flag Meanings and Symbols"

Activity: Constructing your Business, Creating Your City Flag Nominee

Skills: Business Budgeting, Supply & Demand

City Council Debate & Vote: A Letter from a Concerned Citizen, A Fire Station Solution
Week 4: City Buildings and City Planning

Background Info: Powerpoint: "What's First?: Planning Our Most Important City Buildings!", Powerpoint: "Marketing Your Business"

Activity: Creating City Building Blueprints, Creating Business Commercials

Skills: City building budgeting

City Council Debate & Vote: Voting on City Constitution Plans

Week 5: Our City Constitution

Background Info: Powerpoint: "Let's Create a Constitution of Laws!"

Activity: Writing Our Constitution, Finishing Our Businesses, Finishing Flags, Giving out Shopper Points

Skills: Perimeter and Area, Critical Thinking and Writing as we create the laws of our constitutions

City Council Debate & Vote: Official flag vote

Week 6: The Tax Question and Wrapping Up Session One

Background Info: Powerpoint: "The Future of Cities," "Taxes: Why Do We Have Them?"

Activity: Finishing up your Business and City Buildings, Capturing Your City

Skills: Analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of taxes

City Council Debate & Vote: Voting on Tax Plans

Session Two
Note: While session 1 and session 2 take place in the same virtual city, students sign-up for Session 2 if they wish to continue, after taking the Session 1 class.
Week 1: Introducing Session Two/Public Transportation

Background Info: Powerpoint: "Let's Go! Transportation Options for Our City" 

Activity: Creating Businesses, Responding to the Natural Disaster, Creating TV Commercials

Skills: Multiplication Problems, Calculating Transportation Methods

City Council Vote & Debate: Disaster Plan Voting

Week 2: Expansion

Background Info: Powerpoint: "Go West, Young Man: Expansion Options for Our City"

Activity: Creating Expansion Plans, Writing Persuasive Speeches

Skills: Addition and Subtraction Problem-Solving

City Council Vote & Debate: Voting on Transportation Plans

Week 3: Roads and Highways

Background Info: Powerpoint: "Car Talk: The Automobile and the City"

Activity: Creating Road Plans

Skills: Measurement and City Grid Planning

City Council Vote & Debate: Voting on Expansion proposals

Week 4: City Elections

Background Info: Elections for Mayor

Activity: Campaigns for Mayor

Skills: Critical Thinking on Issue Positions

City Council Vote & Debate: Voting on Highway and Road Plans

Week 5: The Environment

Background Info: Powerpoint: Let's Go Green: The Environment and Our City

Activity: Creating Environmental Plans

Skills: Writing Proposals, Concept Analysis, Measurement Problem-Solving

City Council Vote & Debate: Election Voting

Week 6: Planning the Future

Background Info: Powerpont: The Future: Cities in the year 2100

Activity: Wrapping up City Activities


City Council Vote & Debate:


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