Your child is the general manager of a baseball team. Now the math begins...

Math Ball

Help your team get ready to play ball! In this class focused on mathematics, problem-solving, geography and presentation skills, students pair up to serve as general managers of a new fictional baseball franchise.  As they manage the team’s balance sheet, students must budget for player salaries, ballpark costs, maintenance, ticket sales, concessions and much more. Meanwhile, they are presented with word problems and mathematics dilemmas which call upon the general managers to use probability, mean, mode, perimeters, area, graphs, time, money, addition, subtraction and multiplication. Their team competes both on the field and off the field to become the league's best-run and most successful franchise! 

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Click below to view portions of some of the guiding project sheets that the students use in the class.
Click below to download an example of a powerpoint your child will see. This presentation introduces the students to the concept of the Mathball class.
Math Ball students in Medway
In this class, students will:
  • Design their team, logo, mascot and ballpark
  • Create a team budget, making decisions about how much to spend on each aspect of their ballclub
  • Calculate the perimeter and area of their ballpark
  • Play games in the Right Brain Baseball League, keeping score and then calculating player statistics
  • Use Google Earth to research potential locations for their ballpark, considering traffic, costs, parking, the environment and impact on the surrounding neighborhood
  • Design an advertisement in a particular marketing style for their ballclub to encourage fans to come to the games
  • Write a report to their teams' Board of Directors arguing for why a ballpark should be built in their chosen location
  • Solve baseball-related graphing, money, time, addition, subtracting, multiplication, percentage, fraction and division problems
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