Design the Next Product for Dunkin' Donuts

9 Diamond Project

Located at the Gatos Theater


In this project, you have been hired as the "Marketing Director" for Dunkin' Donuts. The company needs you to design the next product for Dunkin' Donuts. After learning a little about marketing and types of advertising, you will create a magazine ad for a new Dunkin' Donuts product that you will invent. Then you will design and build a new Dunkin' Donuts storein Montessori City and present it and your advertising to Teacher Matt.


You have been hired as the new Marketing Director of Dunkin' Donuts! A Marketing Director is in charge of designing and advertising new products (things to sell). Read the letter to the right from the president of Dunkin' Donuts to you.

Click on the picture above to download the letter. 


Before inventing a new product, you need to see what is on Dunkin' Donuts menu already. You may have been to Dunkin'before but you may not remember everything they sell.

Download the menu sheet to the right and also visit the Dunkin' Donuts website to see the menu as it currently stands.

Click on the picture below to visit the Dunkin' Donuts official website...

Click above to download the Dunkin' Donuts menu

Now I'd like you to learn a little bit about some different types of advertising. Download and read the powerpoint about six different types of ads. 

Click the picture above to download the powerpoint about different types of advertisements.

Next download the question sheet to the right about the powerpoint you just read. Answer the questions and then upload it to your folder on Google Drive. 

Click the picture above to download the question sheet.


Down the Microsoft Word sheet and identify the 4 types of ads on the sheet. There is a small place to write your answers on the right-hand side of the sheet. Once you finish, upload your finished worksheet onto your folder in Google Drive.

Download the sheet above and write your answers.


Next you are going to create the ad for your new Dunkin' Donuts product. There are some requirements for the ad...

*Use a piece of 8.5 x 11 white construction paper or similar paper

*Make sure you choose one of the 6 types of ads we talked about in the powerpoint (funny, celebrity, beautify, testimonial, comparison or special deal)

*Make sure you have the name of the new product in the ad and you explain what the new product is (because customers won't know)

*Your ad should have your neatest handwriting

*Your ad should have at least 5 colors

*Your ad should have the Dunkin' Donuts logo

When you are finished, upload a picture of your ad into your folder on Google Drive.


The last step of this project is to design a Dunkin Donuts store in Minecraft. Teacher Matt will suggest a good spot for you to design your store.

Your store should:

*Have a counter and area with food

*Seating for customers

*A Parking lot

*A sign with logo

*A drive-thru

Some examples just to help (yours doesn't need to look like any of these in particular)

*Read the letter from the president of Dunkin' Donuts explaining your mission

*Read the powerpoint about types of ads

*Answer the questions about types of ads and upload your answers to your folder on Google Drive

*Identify the types of ads on the question sheet and upload that sheet with your answers as well

*Invent the new Dunkin' Donuts ad in your mind

*Create the ad on a piece of white construction paper according to requirements listed above. Take a photo of it and upload it to your folder on Google Drive.

*Create the newest Dunkin' Donuts store in Montessori City according to the requirements above

*Get ready to present everything to Teacher Matt!


*Teacher Matt is grading out of a possible 9 Diamonds for Excellent Work for this project.