Build Your Lego City. Then Learn to Govern it...

The Lego Civics Project

Details: The Lego Civics Project is going on the road! Our 4 hour classes are perfect for birthday parties, vacation weeks or for simply a fun and educational afternoon! We can hold classes for up to 20 children at your house or other location of your choice. We bring all of the Legos, our comprehensive curriculum and an experienced and energetic teacher.

Description: As our students build a fully-planned and intricately-designed model Lego city, they also learn to govern it. Students learn about elections, constitutions, flags, currency, economics, budgets and the environment as they serve on a city council which must make key governing decisions about the city. Students have the opportunity to run for mayor, open their own business, debate city issues and respond to natural disasters and citizen concerns. Social studies, history and civics have never been so fun!

Price: This four hour, fully inclusive class is priced at $399

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Click below to view some of the guiding project sheets that the students use during our Lego Civics class.
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In this class, students will:
  • Serve on the city council of their Lego City
  • Learn about laws and the rules of society and create a city constitution
  • Learn about the meaning of symbols on flags and design their own city flag
  • Run for mayor or serve as campaign manager for another student running (if they choose not to run) and create a campaign platform stating opinions on each of the campaign issues
  • Give or help write a campaign re-election speech to voters outlining issue positions
  • Learn about important civics-related topics as taxes, immigration, the environment and the First Amendment
  • Learn about and make decisions related to urban environmental issues
  • Learn about natural disasters and respond to "events" that take place in the Lego City
We use multimedia presentations in class as we learn about election debates, skyscrapers and much more...
The Lego Civics Projects consists of four stand-alone programs which include:

The Lego Civics Project: City Planning (Grades 2-6)

Students work to create their own Lego city while meeting as a city council to govern their town. As they build, they must make challenging budgeting decisions, prioritizing between the construction of key city buildings as they weigh costs and consider designs. The class learns about democratic elections as students prepare to run for mayor or help manage a friend's campaign. Candidates take positions on campaign issues as the city holds a mayoral debate! Meanwhile, students study how laws are made and work together to create their own city constitution. As the city takes form, students learn about the symbols on national and state flags and create their own city flag. A fun and engaging way to learn about civics!

Direct Instruction Powerpoints include: From Village to CityWhat is a Constitution?All About ElectionsFlags and Their MeaningBudgets and How They Work

Each of our Lego Civics programs is a stand-alone project so students can sign up for any program or all four programs

The Lego Civics Project: Green City (Grades 2-6)

As students create a model Lego city, the focus is on the environment. The class learns about electrical grids, recycling, trash collection, water and air pollution. Students meet as a city council to debate environmental laws and the effect of endangered species laws, pollution regulations, automobiles and nature preserves on both ecology and the economy. Students will debate whether the benefit of having the convenience of cars offsets the pollution they cause. They contemplate scenarios as a City Council such as an issue arising when a company that wants to move into town to produce furniture wishes to locate in the same area as endangered arctic foxes. The Council must decide what to do! Students must also weigh the effects of coal, oil, natural gas and green power as they decide how to power their city. A fun and engaging way to learn about the environment!

Direct Instruction Powerpoints include: The Power of Recycling, Endangered Species, Powering a City, Earth Day: a History of the Environmental Movement, Tough Decisions: Business and the Environment

Each of our Lego Civics programs is a stand-alone project so students can sign up for any program or all four programs

The Lego Civics Project: Taking Care of Business (Grades 2-6)

In this class, students create the downtown Main Street of a Lego City as each student constructs a business of their own design. They learn about profits, budgets, taxes, insurance and marketing as students design their own company and storefront. They must create their own marketing campaign and advertise to the other members of the city. They learn about fire, flood and disaster insurance and must decide whether it is worth spending on insurance for their own business. The business owners also meet as a city council and debate issues that could affect the city's business environment from parking meters to taxes to health care for workers to environmental regulations. Students must balance the interests of their businesses with the greater good of their city. A fun and engaging way to learn about economics!

Direct Instruction Powerpoints include: Marketing: Time to Design Your Ad!, Making Money: What is a Profit?, City Decisions: The Business Environment, Taxes: Why Must We Pay Them?, Insurance: Ready or Not!

Each of our Lego Civics programs is a stand-alone project so students can sign up for any program or all four programs

The Lego Civics Project: The Auto City (Grades 2-6)

As students work to create their Lego City, they focus particularly on the role of cars in the modern urban environment. Students learn about the history of automobiles as they create both Lego buildings and the Lego cars that will fill the city streets. They learn about the automobile's relationship to the environment and consider electric cars, car pool lanes and speed limits as they debate car-related laws. Students must decide on the types of roads and highways they will create for their city balancing efficiency, traffic, bikes and pedestrians. They will learn about bridges, ferries and tunnels as they debate the best way to span the river that divides two sections of their city. A fun and engaging way to learn about technology, the environment and politics!

Direct Instruction Powerpoints include: Cars and Their Histories, Your Decisions: Cars & Laws, Polluting Cars and What to Do About Them, How to Span the Water: A Decision for the Council, Roads and the Livable City 

Each of our Lego Civics programs is a stand-alone project so students can sign up for any program or all four programs.

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