Your child is part of a class that publishes a newspaper!

The Kids' Newsroom

Extra! Extra! Read all about it… In the Kids' Newsroom, our students learn the craft of journalism including investigative writing and research. Our classroom transforms into a working newsroom, complete with editorial staff, reporters, columnists and headline writers. Each student plays multiple roles and works together to create an e-newspaper, as well as a hard copy newspaper, with real stories about their local school and community.

These reporters learn techniques for crafting news stories, writing persuasive editorial essays and interviewing news-makers. Students edit each other’s work, take photographs and publish their newspaper. Have an idea for a news story? Call our Newsroom Hotline today! 

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Click below to view portions of the teacher's Kids' Newsroom lesson plan as well as some of the guiding project sheets that the students use in the class.
Click below to download an example of a powerpoint your child will seein this class. This presentation teaches your child how to be a smart consumer as well as how to create their own marketing campaign!
In this class, we see videos about newspapers and how they are produced. Here is one example of a video we see. This one is a little dated--but still very informative!
Kids' Newsroom students discuss the newspaper they created

In this class, your child will:

  • Learn about the history of newspapers
  • Work as part of a team that publishes its own newspaper
  • Learn how reporters organize and write stories
  • Write news stories on local, national and personal events
  • Learn about the difference between editorials and news stories and write their own editorials
  • Play "Headline Hunters" game in which they race to find facts in famous newspaper headlines
  • Learn how to revise and edit their own and other reporters' stories
  • Help to "publish" the class newspaper
An example of a newspaper created in The Kids' Newsroom
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