The Job Hunt Coach for Teachers

We've been in the principal's office at hiring time. Now let us help you.

With our experience in the hiring process in both urban and suburban public schools, we know what principals and hiring committees are looking for. Our Job Hunt Coach package helps prepare you to land a teaching job.
It includes:

  • Interview prep: We serve as your own personalized interview coach. One of our coaches meets with you in person to spend up to two hours preparing you for interviews with hiring committees. We simulate the interview environment, peppering you with potential questions, helping you perfect your answers.
  • Resume Review: We comb through your resume in detail, making suggestions, edits and tweaks. We also review your School Spring file, letters of recommendation and provide pointers on potential red flags. With experience looking at thousands of teacher resumes, we know what will move yours to the top of the pile.
  • Teacher Demo Practice: Most job placements today require teacher demos. Having sat in on dozens of such demos, we know what will appeal to principals. We help review your demo lesson plan to make it stronger in terms of pacing, common core alignment and assessment. We also serve as the audience for a "demo of your demo" and provide coaching on teacher voice, ratio, pacing and presentation.

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