Thank you for your interest in teaching classes for Right Brain Curriculum. On this webpage, we will give you some important information about what we do and how we work with teachers and we will ask you for your answers to some short questions. Once you complete this initial interview, we will call you to have a brief conversation about specific classes and schedules and hopefully get you started teaching one of our programs.

To get started, please watch this three and a half minute video in which our Education Director, Matt Bowling, introduces how we work with teachers.

In addition to the school-year classes mentioned above, we also offerone-week vacation week camps during February break, Spring Break and the Summer. These classes tend to be longer (usually 3 hrs). We also do have some classes that start later in the day but at least 80% of our classes start within the 2:30-3:30pm range.


We make our curriculum as easy as possible for teachers to implement. Most of our classes utilize short 5-8 minute prepared videos to teach students new concepts. We also provide you a full hour-by-hour lesson plan as well as all materials and handouts you will need for the class. Whenever possible, we ask for teachers to use their own laptops but we do have some available if needed.

For most classes, we provide you with pencils, markers, posterboards, rulers and other basic supplies. For lego-based classes we supply you with legos. For Minecraft-based classes we supply you with the laptops. We also provide a projector, speakers and HDMI cord to play the videos for the class.

In order to see if these classes would be a good fit for you, we ask that you send us your answers to the questions below. 

Questions to Answer

Once we do find a class or classes in your geographical area to teach, three steps will follow...

1. We will send an introduction to the school or recreation center that we partner with, introducing you electronically to the director. They may require a CORI form or other background check from you.

2. We will send you the curriculum and lesson plan for the class electronically through Google Drive. We will also send you to a website that will walk you through some key information about the upcoming program.

3. We will find a time to meet up with you to do a quick program training and to get you all of the materials you will need for the class. These will usually be provided in a teacher rolling cart. Because we have programs running all over Massachusetts, we will meet up with you in the town in which you live, usually at a Panera, Starbucks or similar spot that is convenient.

We will reach out to you soon, but in the meantime you might check out some of the programs that we offer by clicking the home button or surfing back to rightbraincurriculum.com