Learn About  Houses Around the World and Build a Lego House

12 Diamond Project

Located at the Gatos Theater


In this project, you will find out about different styles of houses around the world that exists today and existed in the past. After seeing a powerpoint and video of different styles of homes, you will take a photo tour of your town or city to find at least 5 different styles of houses. Then you will be designing one of the houses you learned about in legos and then you will design another type of home you learned about in Montessori City.


Let's start with this powerpoint on different styles of houses around the World. Read the powerpoint and start thinking about which of these styles of houses you might like to build in legos and which you'd like to build in Montessori City.

Be ready to discuss some of these styles with Teacher Matt during your presentation.  


Now take a look at this article about types of houses around the world from My Modern Met. Click on the photo to the right to go to the website. Read the description of houses and 

Next, you are going to do a project where you drive around your town and city and look for some different types of homes.

You are going to take a drive with someone in your family around the town or city you live in looking for different types of houses. Now you probably are not going to find any tee-pees or igloos in your city but I bet you will find some different styles of houses and apartments. You might even find some public housing (apartments built by the government), maybe a mobile home (a house that can be driven or moved easily) and perhaps some different styles of homes. You do NOT have to identify the types of architectural style as you may not know what they are but you do have to write at least two sentences about each home and what you think of it, what you noticed about it and whether you like it or not. Below is an example of four types of homes I found nearwhere I live in Worcester, Massachusetts. You will find four photos and take pictures of them too. Then you were insert your photos into the Word document to the right and type below each home what you think of it. Then upload your word doc with pictures and descriptions to your folder on Google Drive.


Next you are going to choose one of the types of houses that you learned about in the PowerPoint or the readings and build it in legos at your house.

It may be helpful to look up more videos online of the type of house you are building so you can make your lego creation look like the type of house you are building. Do the best you can. Of course, I understand that legos are tough for building curves and you may not have the exact pieces you need. The important part is to try your best to build one of the house styles.

This pueblo style house was built by an adult who had the perfect pieces but I did think it was a good example.


For the last step, you are going to choose a different style house than you picked for the lego house (it has to be different) and you are going to build it in Montessori City. You will present the house to Teacher Matt. Make sure to have some kind of yard as well as the house.

*Download the PowerPoint about different types of houses around the world.

*Do the online reading about different types of houses around the world

*Do the photo tour in your town or city and upload 4 different styles houses into the Word doc above. Write down at least two sentences about each photo.

*Build one of the house styles you learned about in legos.

*Build A DIFFERENT house style you learned about in Montessori City.


*Teacher Matt is grading out of a possible 12 Diamonds for Excellent Work