Design a House of the Future

7 Diamond Project

Located at the Seaside

In this project, you will be designing a house of the future. You will be thinking about what life on Earth will be like 100 years in the future. But before you do that, we will begin by looking back at some predictions people made about what houses and life would be like now back in the year 1960. We will also study what a "smart" home is and how they might change in the future. Then we will read an article about "smart" furniture. Then it is your turn to design. In Montessori City you will design a house of the future in Montessori City.


Before we start predicting what houses will look like in the future, I thought it would be fun to look back at what people thought houses and life in general would be like in our time. I want you to watch a video that was made way back in 1960 (about sixty years ago). In the video they predicted what life a house would be like now. Let's see what they got right and what they got wrong.I want you to watch the video and answer the questions on the worksheet that you can download on the right.

After you write in your answers, upload the file to your folder on Google Drive so I can see the work that you did.

Click below to watch the video...

Click on the picture above to download the worksheet. Then type in or write in the answers to the questions I asked you about the video.


Next I want you to see some predictions made NOW about what smart homes will be like in the future. Click below to link to a video that shows a smart home.

In the video there is a joke. The little boy is pretending to do everything with his wand, but actually he lives in a computerized "smart" home.

After you watch the video, download the question sheet to the right and type in or write in your answers to the questions. When you are done, upload your answer sheet to your folder on Google Drive.

Next, read an article about what future smart homes might be like just 20 years from now.

Download the PDF and read it to give you some ideas for the future home you will be designing and building in Montessori City.

Download the PDF above and read what smart homes will be like when you are an adult. Be ready to talk about it with Teacher Matt.

Now that you have learned so much about the homes of the future it is time to design your own.

Here are the minimum requirements for your future home.

*It should have at least two floors.

*It should have at least eight rooms including a bathroom, kitchen, living room, garage, bedroom and three other rooms of your choice.

*You should design at least 2 futuristic types of furniture for each room and think about how they would be different. You may or may not be able to show in Minecraft how they are futuristic but when you present your house to Teacher Matt, you should be able to describe different pieces of your futuristic furniture. For instance, you might design a futuristic stove or toilet or bed or table. Be ready to describe how these will be different from today's version of the same furniture,

*Design a futuristic vehicle for the garage and be ready to describe how it is futuristic.

*Design the yard and surrounding area around the house. 

*Present it to Teacher Matt


Finally, get ready to present your house to Teacher Matt, submit the 2 worksheets and be ready to discuss what you learned in the predictions video, smart homes video and smart homes PDF.

*Watch the Predictions from 1960 Video

*Answer the questions about the Predictions from 1960 Video

*Watch the Smart Homes Video

*Answer the questions about the Smart Homes Video

*Read the Smart Homes PDF and be ready to discuss

*Design your Futuristic Home in Montessori City and be ready to give a tour to Teacher Matt and discuss the different futuristic furniture.


*Teacher Matt is grading out of a possible 7 Diamonds for Excellent Work for this project.