Your child explores online maps, researches a country of their choice and helps to design a World's Fair!

The World According to Google Earth

Put away those old fold-up maps and aging school atlases. Technology has revolutionized how students learn about geography and world cultures. In our The World According to Google Earth program, students use Google Earth and online encyclopedias to find answers to six key questions about a country of their choosing.  They then design a Powerpoint presentation to inform the class about their chosen nation.  In the final part of the class, each pair of students creates a "shoebox" pavilion that represents their country.  This pavilion becomes part of a class-wide "World’s Fair" that displays the collective knowledge gained by our aspiring world explorers. Students present their World's Fair to parents in a celebration of countries and cultures.

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Click below to view some of the guiding project sheets that the students use in the class.
Click below to download an example of a powerpoint your child will see. This presentation introduces our students to some the geographical features of the United States.
In preparing to create their own World's Fair, the students see a historic video about the 1939 World's Fair.
In this class, your child will:
  • Learn about Google Earth technology and how to use the program
  • Learn how to conduct online research of a country of their choice
  • Learn how to take notes, summarizing useful information from primary and secondary sources
  • Learn about the history of the World's Fair and international events
  • Create a model World's Fair including a pavilion of the country they studied
  • Learn about a variety of maps and their features
  • Learn about the basic of international diplomacy and how geography affects the relations between countries
  • Create an informational presentation about the country they have researched
  • Learn key presentation skills while practicing making eye contact with their audience as well as practicing standing tall, using visual aids and speaking with a strong voice

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