Your child is president of an architectural firm. It's time to reach for the sky!

Expert Architects

The sky is the limit in Expert Architects! In this math, writing and presentation class, our students find out on the first day of class that they are the heads of the city's newest architectural firm. They are commissioned with building the tallest building in a nearby city and must plan their design. Students learn a kid-friendly history of skyscrapers and create a blueprint of their own stylized tall building. They then must weigh other considerations including environmental effects, traffic and surrounding buildings using Google Earth to find the perfect location for their project. Once their blueprint is finished, our expert architects create a three-dimensional model of the structure and deliver a presentation to their "clients" highlighting all aspects of their creation.

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Click below to view portions of the teacher's Expert Architects lesson plan as well as some of the guiding project sheets that the students use in the class.
Click below to download an example of a powerpoint your child will see. This presentation from the younger student program introduces our students to the history of skyscrapers before they design their own!
In this class, our students see some cool and instructive videos of the world's tallest buildings. Here we see a report from the top of the Burj Dubai.
In this class, your child will:
  • Serve as a co-president of their own fictional architect firm
  • Plan out a full blueprint and multi-themed plan for Boston's Next Skyscraper
  • Research locations for their skyscraper using Google Maps/Earth and pitch the location
  • Learn about the environmental effects of skyscrapers in cities
  • Watch and take notes on a variety of videos about structure, science and history of skyscrapers
  • Read about the history of skyscrapers in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Learn about a variety of architectural styles and the rise of modernism
  • Give a presentation to an imagined version of "Boston City Council" in which they present their plan for Boston's Next Skyscraper

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