Students are in charge of an architectural firm. Now it's time to reach for the sky!

The sky is the limit in Expert Architects! In this math, writing and presentation class, students each serve as president of a new architectural firm and are tasked with designing and building the city’s next skyscraper. Students study a kid-friendly history of skyscrapers and create a blueprint of their own stylized tall building. They then must weigh other considerations including the environment, traffic and surrounding buildings using Google Earth to find the perfect location for their project. Our expert architects create a three-dimensional model of the structure and present their work to invited parents.

In this class, students will:

  • Serve as a co-president of their own fictional architectural firm
  • Plan out a full blueprint and multi-themed plan for a new skyscraper
  • Research locations for their skyscraper using Google Maps/Earth as they consider environmental and urban factors
  • Learn about the environmental effects of skyscrapers in cities
  • Watch and take notes on a variety of videos about structures, science and the history of skyscrapers
  • Learn about the history of skyscrapers
  • Learn about a variety of architectural styles and the rise of modernism
  • Present their skyscrapers to assembled parents in a "gallery walk" format

Class Specifications:

  • Elementary (Grade 2-5) or Middle School (Grade 6-8) versions available
  • 12-hour program (can be offered in a variety of time intervals)
  • Expert Architects can be implemented as an after-school program, summer camp or in-class project
  • Supplies needed include teacher laptop, projector, construction paper, basic art materials
See some of the videos that we present to students as part of our direct instruction in Expert Architects:

Bring Expert Architects to Your School or Center:

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  • Marketing e-blasts you can adapt for your school or center
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  • Our Right Brain Curriculum Implementation Guide and classroom management system
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Option 2: We Supply the Teacher and More:
  • We provide the trained teacher, curriculum and all materials
  • We split the profits from the class with your school or center
  • We correspond with parents to introduce our program and curriculum
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