Create a Plan to Help the Environment

10 Diamond Project

Located at the Homeschool City Park

In this project, you will be thinking about how to help the environment. First, you will view a PowerPoint about some environmental problems that humans face in the 21st Century. Then you will see a video about how kids can help the environment. Next, you will think about your own life and devise a real plan of something you will change in your life to help the Earth. You will plan it out on a poster and then actually do the plan. You will report to Teacher Matt how the plan is going. Last, you will design and build a structure or building to help HomeschoolCity's environment.


Let's begin with an overview of issues related to the environment. Download and read the PowerPoint to the right about some of the environment issues we face on Earth.

Click on the picture above to download the powerpoint. 


Next, download and answer the questions about the powerpoint that you read. Once you have typed in or written in your answers, upload your work into your Homeschool City folder on Google Drive.

Click above to download the question sheet about the environmental powerpoint

As you start to think about what YOU can do to help the environment, I'd like you to see a couple of videos that give some suggestions for things that kids can do to help the Earth.
Next, read the article by Schooled by Science to hear the top 10 environmental issues to make you worry. It is a little depressing to read but it's good to know the problems that people have to deal with to save the Earth! You might choose one of these issues to help with when you design YOUR personal environmental plan.

Click the picture above to surf to the page about the top 10 environmental issues.


Now it is time to come up with YOUR own personal plan to help the Earth. Like the videos mentioned, you are just one person but you can help! Remember these two rules for creating your plan:

1. Your plan has to be something you don't do already. So if your plan is to start recycling cardboard in your house but your family already does that, you can't choose that one.

2. It has to be a REAL plan you will start. It can't be just talk :) You will be reporting to Teacher Matt how the plan is going, so you have to actually try out the plan that you create.

Download the sheet to the right, which will show you how to create your plan. 

Download the sheet above and create your personal environmental plan. Make sure to upload a picture of it to your folder on Google Drive.


The last step is that you are going to build something in HomeschoolCity that will help the city's environment. Here are some possibilities:

*A Recycling Center

*A Water Treatment Center

*A Recycling Truck

*A Park

*A Nature Preserve or National Park

Be ready to present your creation to Teacher Matt

Important note: Make sure to email Teacher Matt ( to ask where to build your environmental building or structure in Homeschool City or to get suggestions of possible places to build.


*Read the powerpoint about the environment

*Answer the questions about the powerpoint and upload your answers to your folder on Google Drive

*Watch the two videos about how individuals can help the Earth

*Read the article about the Top 10 environmental worries.

*Create your own personal environmental plan. Take a photo of it and upload it to your folder on Google Drive.

*Create the newest environmentally-related building or structure in Homeschool City such as those suggested above

*Get ready to present everything to Teacher Matt!


*Teacher Matt is grading out of a possible 10 Diamonds for Excellent Work for this project.