Photograph Competition at Your Local Walmart or Grocery Store

10 Diamond Project

Located at the Gatos Theater


In this project, you are going to learn a bit about competition between different businesses. Then you are going to take a trip to a supermarket or a Walmart/Target and check out the competition between different products. You'll compare them and figure out how each product is trying to get people to buy their products. Then you will design two types of restaurants that will compete against each other in Montessori City. The first will be a fancy restaurant and the second will be a fast food restaurant. You will record a short video comparing the two restaurants and explain how each one tries to get people to eat there.


Let's start by learning more about competition between different businesses. We can start with this video from Teacher Matt from one of our programs called Business Sharks.

Click on the video above to watch Teacher Matt's video about business competition.


Now you are going to go to the store (a grocery store or department store like Walmart) and look for products to compare. They could be anything really. Two types of salsas or soaps or fans or whatever. I chose shampoos so don't do that one. It will be easier to compare them if you find a product that says a lot about why it is so great on the packaging. The shampoos below say a lot about their products on the bottle, for instance.

Download the Microsoft Word document to the right and insert the photos you take of the products into the document. You will do three different competitions such as two shampoos, two candy bars and two ice creams. 

Click the Microsoft Word document above to download the sheet in which to insert your photos of products from the store and to write how each company tries to sell the product.

When I went to the store I decided to compare two different types of shampoo. I found an expensive one called Head & Shoulders and a cheaper one called TRESemme. Do you see how I took pictures above and inserted the pictures into the Word Document? Then I wrote about how each one tried to get people to buy their shampoo.

For Head & Shoulders, I said: "Head & Shoulders markets itself as a shampoo for people with dandruff. They say if you use it, you will have instant relief (no more dandruff or itching on your scalp). They say it has cooling scalp relief and they have a 100% guarantee that you won’t have dandruff flakes! They say the shampoo has peppermint and tea tree essence. I’m not really sure what that is but they have a picture of peppermint. They also say that the shampoo is proven to give you healthy hair and scalp." I don't know if those things are true but they give a lot of reasons to buy their shampoo.

For TRESemme I said: "TRESemme advertises itself as a shampoo used by professionals (like professional hair cutters). It says it gives deep cleansing for anyone’s hair. Whereas Head & Shoulders was only advertising for people with dandruff. It says it cleans and removes “build up” although I’m not really sure what "build up" is. And it claims that it has multi-vitamins. Also Head & Shoulders is much more expensive, this is a cheaper shampoo. $6.99 vs. $2.99."

Note: By the way, if your family is OK with it, could potentially buy both products and try them out and see which you prefer. However, you don't have to do this. You can compare them like I did above and just take the photos at the store without buying anything.

Next, I want you to watch this video about competition and business locations. This video is pretty advanced but I think you will like it. Sometimes, it is good to try to watch something that is kind of advanced. This is probably aimed more at high school students but I bet you will get the idea. Give it a shot :)

Try the video to the right...


Last, you are going to build two different restaurants in Montessori City. Two competitive restaurants! 

Here are the requirements for each...

Fancy Restaurant:

*Should have tables inside

*A kitchen area

*A sign out front

*Outdoor seating

*Make it look fancy and beautiful

Fast Food Restaurant:

*Should have a place to order

*Menu, cash registers

*A drive-thru

*parking lot



The last step, once you built both restaurants, is to think about the differences between the restaurants and how each would try to get customers. What would the owner of the fast food restaurant say about his or her restaurant to get people to eat there? What would the owner of the fancy restaurant say?

I want you to record a short video introducing me to both restaurants and comparing each. You should explain at least three things that each owner would say. You can talk to the camera in your video or (if you know how or ask Teacher Matt for help) you can do a screen-share video where you record your screen and show the restaurants while doing a voice-over. This website can be helpful if you want to do it that way:

When you are done, upload your video to your folder on Google Drive.

*Watch Teacher Matt's competition video

*Go to the store and take photos of the competitive products. Write down at least two sentences for each product and insert the photos into the Word document. Upload the Word doc to your folder.

*Watch the video about competition and locations

*Build your two competitive restaurants in Montessori City

*Record a video comparing the two competitive restaurants


*Teacher Matt is grading out of a possible 10 Diamonds for Excellent Work