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The Struggling First-Year Teacher

Many school leaders hire bright, enthusiastic, young teachers who have the talent and passion to be great instructors, only to see them struggle in their first year. The reason: Classroom management. Great teaching cannot take place in the classroom until students are being effectively managed. As a former Head of School and Director of Instruction, I have helped hundreds of teachers gain control of their classrooms, allowing teachers to find their voices and reach their students.

The Trouble with PD
A __ study showed that PD in largely ineffective. Classroom management PD has an even poorer track record. This is because it is rarely targeted. It does not allow teachers to practice what they have learned and it does not teach specific techniques based on individual classroom observations. 
In our model, we come out to your school for a full-day intensive session. We begin by observing the teacher(s). Then we meet to discuss four techniques that will help the teacher improve classroom management immediately. Teachers then practice those techniques right away, as I stand nearby "whisper coaching" and providing encouragement, pointers and jumping in to model. Read below to see 
1. Observations
After a before school meeting with the teacher or teachers participating to outline the program, our day begins with a 60-90 minute long observation period in the classroom. I look to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the teacher's classroom management toolbox and identify four techniques that would immediately help the teacher gain more control over his or her classroom. 
3. Whisper Coaching
Back in the classroom, the teacher tries out the 4 techniques, as I observe. We then try some "whisper coaching" as I hover near the teacher to give immediate feedback, encouragement and pointers. If needed, I may jump in to do a quick model of one of the techniques. By having a chance to practice the new teacher moves right away, instructors are able to perfect their techniques and make adjustments based on feedback. We practice for 90 minutes to 2 hours up until lunch. 
5. Management System
We also provide an optional management system that I have designed to help teachers. This "ACES" system gives teachers a token economy that they can use in their classroom to motivate students and help establish clear positive feedback and consequences. Since not all schools prefer to use token economies, the ACES system is something we offer but it is not mandatory as part of the training. 
2. Practice Makes Perfect
The teacher is then pulled out for a debrief, in which I talk about strengths and areas for growth. I then identify four "teacher moves" that can immediately be put into place in the classroom. After I model each of these specific techniques, the teacher practices each teacher move with me, as I give them feedback. Now it's time to take the show back into the classroom.

Some examples of "Teacher Moves" include:

4. Videotape Session
During a working lunch, we take a look at some videotape that I take during the morning session. This allows the teacher to reflect on their practice and to notice areas for improvement in terms of their voice, eye-contact and mannerisms. We also observe a few sample example videos of specific techniques. Then it's back into the classroom after lunch to continue to perfect the four identified techniques, based on the coaching from the morning and the videotape observations.
6. Follow-Up
Our initial purchase includes the full 6-hour intensive training. This purchase includes unlimited email and phone follow-up after the session. 
We are also available to come back to the school for a half-day session with the teacher for an additional cost.
We can also alternatively structure the day to work with multiple teachers. You can design a day similar to the one outlined here to meet your needs.

My Background 

As a former Head of School and Director of Curriculum and Instruction in both public and private education, I have worked with teachers for years to meet their full potential. As a classroom teacher for nearly a decade in the California Public Schools, behavior management was one of my specialties.
Now in addition to serving as Education Director for the company I founded, Right Brain Curriculum, I consult as part of Classroom Management Experts to coach teachers in the classroom.

Purchasing Information

Purchase of Classroom Management Experts
Our package includes either a 5 hour or 7 hour training day with between 1 and 4 teachers in your elementary school. This includes
  • Initial Observations
  • Debrief and Identification of "Teacher Moves"
  • Whisper Coaching
  • Videotaping and Debrief
  • Classroom Management System
  • Unlimited Email/Phone Follow-Up
Total Price for all of the above is:
 $499 for a 5 hour session or $699 for an 7 hour session

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