Your child designs their own business and then presents it in the Shark Tank!

Business Sharks

In our Business Sharks class, students play the role of young entrepreneurs as they start with the germ of an idea for a product and business and take it through the entire entrepreneurial process.  Our students develop prototypes, formulate a business plan and devise a marketing strategy.  Meanwhile, students learn through contextual lessons on concepts such as wages, profits and branding while designing print ads, acting out “TV commercials,” researching real estate locations and designing their storefronts.  The class concludes with our young executives pitching their ideas to a "Shark Tank" of parents.  These sharks will really be taking care of business!

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Click below to view portions of the teacher's Business Sharks lesson plan as well as some of the guiding project sheets that the students use in the class.
Click below to download an example of a powerpoint your child will seein this class. This presentation teaches your child how to be a smart consumer as well as how to create their own marketing campaign!
In this class, we see videos of real kids in the Shark Tank!

In this class your child will:

  • Work with a teammate to develop their own idea for a business and a product
  • Learn all about business plans and create their own business plan in poster form
  • Learn about five different marketing strategies and create their own marketing campaign
  • Learn how to be a "wily consumer"
  • Write a script for a TV commercial for their business
  • Learn about business logos and slogans and create their own
  • Design the inside and outside of their storefront
  • Use Google Earth to select a local location for their business
  • Learn about different strategies for giving a presentation
  • Give their own Shark Tank presentation to three adult "Sharks"

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