An engaging way to learn reading comprehension skills

Bookworms: The Reading Comprehension Class

Using the wonderfully engaging books of famed children’s author Bill Peet, we focus on such reading comprehension skills as context clues, literature themes, author’s message, making predictions, activating background knowledge and making connections in order to boost student reading levels and promote a love of literature. Our “Bookworms” also create projects related to a Bill Peet story of their choice including story maps, screenplays, autobiographies and Monster stories. Our students invite parents to a “Book Gallery” in the final class to show off their creations.

Note: This class is specifically designed for 3rd-5th grade readers.

Class Specifications:

  • Elementary (Grade 3-5) version available
  • 12-hour program (can be extended upon request)
  • Bookworms can be implemented as an after-school program, summer camp or in-class project
  • Supplies needed include laptop, projector or TV display, poster boards, construction paper, basic art materials
Click below to view some of the guiding project sheets that the students use in the class.

In this class, your child will:

  • Learn a variety of reading comprehension skills to boost reading levels. 
  • Use context clues to understand the meaning of unknown words in a text.
  • Make self-text, text-text and text-world connections to events in a story.
  • Use predictions to anticipate what will happen next in a story.
  • Understand the lesson of a story based on an author's point of view.
  • Learn to activate their background knowledge to better understand a story.
  • Complete a "Book Gallery" project on a Bill Peet of their choice.
  • Present their Book Gallery project to parents attending the final class celebration.

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