Create a Baseball Timeline and Park

11 Diamond Project

Located at the Gatos Theater


In this project, you will be learning a little about the history of baseball, sometimes called America's "nation past time." You will read a powerpoint about baseball history and then see a website that mentions some famous dates in the history of the sport. Then using an online website program called Tiki-Toki you will create a timeline with some of baseball's famous dates. Last, you will create a ballpark for Montessori City's new AAA ballclub the Montessori Mashers!


To begin with, I want to introduce you to a little bit about the history of baseball. This will help prepare you for the baseball timeline that you are going to create in Step 4 of this project.

Click above to download the powerpoint about baseball history.


Now I'd like you to do some research on the history of baseball at the website to the right. This website may mention some of the info that you read about in the powerpoint. While you're reading, you might write down any important years or specific dates in baseball history. You are going to need a list of dates soon for the timeline you will be creating in Step 4.

Click the picture below to link to a website about baseball history

Next, you are going to answer some questions about what you read about baseball history. Click on the Microsoft Word document to the right to download. When you've written your answers, upload it to your folder on Google Drive. 

Please note that we also used Tiki-Toki for timelines in the car history project

Now that you have read about the history of baseball, you are going to create a timeline of baseball history using the website Tiki-Toki. Now the site is pretty easy to use but it may be helpful to see a quick video about how to use it. Click on the video to the right to see a video of how the website works.


Now as mentioned in the video above, to create a timeline you will need to sign up for a free account using Tiki-Toki. You should check with your family first to see what email is the best one for you to use in signing up. 

To sign up, go to and click on "free sign up" in the top right-hand corner.  

Here are the requirements for your Baseball History timeline on Tiki-Toki.

*You should have at least 10 events/dates on your timeline. You can add events with a single year event such as

1994: Major League baseball cancels World Series due to player strike.

Or even better, an exact date such as April 8, 1974: Hank Aaron breaks Babe Ruth's home run record.

*Each of your timeline events should have at least one picture. You can find pictures for the events in your timeline with an internet search pretty easily.

*You can make your timeline even fancier such as using the 3D function or by adding videos. But you should at least have the requirements mentioned above.

Be ready to present your timeline to Teacher Matt.


The final step is to create a baseball park for our new AAA baseball team, the Montessori Mashers. The stadium will need to be created in a large open space in the city. 

Please make sure to fulfill these requirements when constructing your stadium:

* An infield, outfield and outfield walls

*Stands for the fans to watch

*A concession stand to get food

*A ticket booth

*Home and away dug outs

*A flag

*Some kind of barrier outside the park so people cannot just walk in and watch the game for free :)

If you need help imagining ballparks, this website may help:


*Read the powerpoint on baseball history

*Read the website on baseball history

*Answer the baseball history questions on the worksheet

*Create your Tiki-Toki website on baseball history according to the requirements

*Build the new baseball park for the AAA team the Montessori Mashers


*Teacher Matt is grading out of a possible 11Diamonds for Excellent Work for this project.