Airports: Learn and Build!

8 Diamond Project

Located at the the Plane in the Sky

/teleport 32 33 444



In this project, you will watch the first part of a PBS documentary about airport design called City in the Sky. You can find it on Netflix or Teacher Matt can send it to you. 

Next, you will answer some questions about what you saw about how an airport works.

Third, you will design a Montessori City Airport in an empty space according to a number of parameters.

Finally, you will send Teacher Matt your answers and present your airport design.


City in the Sky is a three part PBS documentary. You are going to watch the first part (You can answer all 3 parts if you want, but you HAVE to watch Part 1 for this project). The documentary is on Netflix so if your family has Netflix that is easiest way to watch it. You can simply search "City in the Sky" If you have any trouble, ask Teacher Matt for help.

If you don't have Netflix, let Matt know and he can send you the video.

By the way, I would suggest watching the video with the captions on since there are some interviews with airport workers with thick accents.  


Download the question sheet about City in the Sky. Answer the questions either by typing in the answers or printing out the sheet, writing your answers and uploading it in your folder on Google Drive. Click to the right to download the file.

Next, start thinking about the layout of your Montessori City Airport.

To help, visit this website that has maps of every airport that United flies out of. Take a look at a few of the maps to get an idea of how airports are organized. 


Then click on the picture to the right to see some photos of Heathrow Airport in London. It should help you as you create your design.

Now that you have watched the City in the Sky documentary and seen airport photos and designs, you are ready to build the Montessori City Airport. 

Here are the minimum requirements for your airport (you can add even more if you like):

*At least one terminal

*Control tower

*At least 2 restaurants


*At least 2 stores

*At least 6 gates

*At least 1 hangar

*At least 2 runways

*At least 2 baggage checks


Finally, get ready to present your airport to Teacher Matt. You will walk him through the various parts of your airport. If you can mention how your airport is similar in any ways to what you saw in the City in the Sky documentary, that would be great!

*Watch Episode 1 of City in the Sky

*Download and answer all questions in the Microsoft Word document with questions about City in the Sky

*Check out the map and photo sites in Step 3 and 4

*Build your airport!

*Upload your question sheet to Google Drive. 

*Present your airport to Teacher Matt


*Teacher Matt is grading out of a possible 8 Diamonds for Excellent Work