Homeschool City

Project Page

A 22nd Century House

Study the future of "smart homes," design your own home in the year 2120 and then build it Homeschool City.

Airport Designer

Learn how airports are designed, create an intricate airport plan and build the Homeschool City  Airport

Mastering Maps

Study both  physical maps and Google Earth and then create our own map of a Homeschool City neighborhood.

Olympics Maps

Learn about the Olympics and Google Maps and then create your own Google Map of the Olympics host cities.

Photography Then & Now

Learn about "Then & Now" photographs and then take some of your own.

Houses Around the World

Learn about different houses around the world, photograph different style homes and build one in Legos.

The One-Room School House

Learn how school was different in the past and design a modern Homeschool City school.

Speech, Speech!

Learn a variety of public speaking techniques as you deliver your own informational speech on a topic of your choice.

Wild Weather!

Join Jack & Annie in a Magic Treehouse  hurricane and tornado before creating a powerpoint on what you learned.

Automobile History

Study the history of cars, create an online timeline and design  some old & new cars in our city.

An Olympic Proposal

Homeschool City wants to host the Olympics and you are in charge of creating the proposal to the Olympic Committee.

Your Environmental Plan

Study environmental problems and create a multi-step plan for what you will do in your life to help save the Earth.

Be a Film Critic

Learn how to be a film critic, take notes at a film you see and record your own film vlog review.

Baseball Timelines

Study the history of baseball, create a baseball history timeline using and build your ballpark.

Architecture Experts

Study the differences between modernist and classical architecture and design a post office in each style.

Business Competition

Learn about business competition and then take a trip to photograph product competition at a local Walmart.


You'll be posting an actual restaurant review on Yelp after you visit a new eatery playing the role of a  food critic.

Create Dunkin's Next Product

You're in charge of creating a marketing campaign for the new product you will be creating for Dunkin' Donuts.

Skyscraper Studies

Study the world's most amazing skyscrapers at the Building Big site before creating Homeschool City's next tall tower.

A Landmark Statue

Read all about the history of the Statue of Liberty before creating Homeschool City's own  welcome statue.

A Trip to the Zoo

Choose a zoo animal to study, visit a real zoo to further your research and then create a video report.