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Mayor’s dog rescued a boy From the Blizzard

by Mayor Ben

Zack Brown, a 12 year old boy, was playing football near the lake today before it started snowing.  His parents reported him missing at 7:09 pm and the Fire Department began to look for him but it started snowing really hard and they couldn’t see. They radioed Mayor Ben, because they knew he was nearby. He was at the aiport unloading supplies.  When he heard about Zack being missing, he had an idea. He got a shirt from Zack’s mom, and let his corgi named Veronica smell it.  It was really hard to see but she could smell something. Everyone got their flashlights and followed her. She sniffed around until she got to a beach chair near the lake that was covered in snow and started barking a lot. She led everyone to Zack who was OK because he was under a chair. His parents were glad to see him.  They all went back to the school shelter and ate cake. Veronica got a treat because she is a hero!

The New College

by Mayor Kaylee

The mayors of Stars Hollow recently built a college for the older kids. It has a union with the city next to us and they are now at peace. The new College has everything! Cafeteria, a garden for working and of course class rooms. The professors have agreed that it would be best for the students to have online classes due to the recent Blizzard, but once that is over the university will be better than ever and up and running! So remember to come and see us after all this is over and check out our new University. There will be a tour for the kids once the blizzard is over so the students can figure out if they want to come to college or continue their life journey.

Airport Vote Passed

by Oliver

The State of Homestead announced today that the vote for the multi-city airport has passed. All of the mayors agreed to the proposal.

Even though the vote passed, many people still wondered why the city of Greenway decided to vote yes.

When interviewed, City Manager Ralph Mannino said “Mayor McGeehin and I are very happy that this proposal has passed. The new airport will help boost the population of Greenway and bring more businesses to the area”

A representative from each city will now be assigned to start choosing a location for the new airport. Construction will begin in the coming days and the airport is expected to be open soon.

Thank You Redstonia for the Warm Welcome

I want to thank Mayor Ben and the citizens of Redstonia for allowing me to move here from another culture and also for the welcome we were given.  As soon as my family went to the Mayor’s office, we registered and became citizens after reading and agreeing to the laws.

I know this is a great city, because Mayor Ben built a place for free movies by the lake, and let all religions including mine reserve a time for our church to meet there when movies aren’t playing, even though my religion is different than his. When I asked him why he would be so nice to someone who doesn’t believe the same way he does, he said that his town celebrates all people, and that differences are what make people so interesting.  We loved the free cake he gave us from the grocery store, it was the best I have ever tasted, I highly recommend the cakes in level 1 of the skyscraper and we will be buying many more, since we are able to work and make money by helping build the new airport. 

I can’t believe Mayor Ben is so nice and welcoming, and most of the town are too because there are many immigrants here, and all of us are paying taxes and Mayor Ben is doing his best to make sure the tax money is used to benefit everyone, no matter what they believe or where they came from.  Thank you Mayor Ben and all the citizens of Redstonia for welcoming me and all of the other immigrants!

Simran Jeet Singh

Airport Excites citizens of Redstonia!

by Mayor Ben

Immigrants are very happy because of all of the new jobs at the fire department, the park by the lake, the school and university.  Now many more are moving here to build the new airport that we can all benefit from. 

Stage one is in the works now, where asphalt is being laid down so planes can now take off and land.  It is far enough away that people won’t be bothered by the noise, but close enough to help everyone get to business meetings and vacations. It is also convenient to other towns to share, and get tax money from them to help pay for it.  It is a win/win situation.  

People will get on and off the planes with stairs to the ground for now, like the president does.  

Stage two is coming next, where there will be a building and more people will work there to handle bags and work at the counters.  Stage three is building a control tower, because when the airport gets busier, we will need them.  Best part of that is even more jobs for the city of Redstonia and more convenience for all!

The Animal Shelter

by Mayor Kaylee

The Mayors of Stars Hollow have built an animal shelter for their citizens! They say that the animals are all very nice and have been trained to meet requirements a family may need. There are dogs for every type of family. There are guard dogs, family dogs or dogs that are for people who live alone and need a friend. Every one of them have shown that they are ready to be adopted into a forever family.  Dark is our newest animal, He was found on the side of the street after his mother didn't want him or his siblings. He is a very sweet dog and we hope he goes to the perfect family. Come visit us today near the City Hall and DMV, follow the love!


By Mayor Ezra

A robbery was committed at the local post office UHP (United Homestead Post) in Sunnyvale on May 10th, 2020. The stolen items include 3 large boxes,4 small boxes, and 7 letters. According to sorting staff, the boxes contained valuable and fragile paintings and the letters contained up to $90 per envelope. The cost of the paintings is $390,000 and the police hope to help get them back. Eyewitness Fred Hobbes, motel assistant manager reports, “There were three men all wearing tan cargo pants, two of them had gray vests and red shirts. The other (possibly the leader) was wearing a black shirt with an image of a red and black 1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee.” The next eyewitness, Susie Benson, described the vehicle, “They all hopped in a red van with an image of the face of a bulldog, then sped off on the Intercity Road 678 southbound.” According to the license plate of the van, Detective Roger Derkins discovered the thieves had came from a different state. After asking people around Sunnyvale, Detective Derkins went to Domac Mason (owner of Domac’s Motel®), who said the same men have been staying at his motel since last Friday. The manager of the Colada Café™, Kelly Dens, also saw the trio at one of her tables on Saturday. “They weren’t very satisfied with the service and threw their food away after taking only two or three bites,” Kelly Dens recalls. The SPD (Sunnyvale Police Department) said they remember seeing the thugs van speeding past the speed limit of 25. The Detective said, “No one got hurt and the men came in possibly by skylight or through the ventilation system.” The Detective said, “We are thankful this incident did not involve any deaths.” Now UHP is planning a better way to secure all their post offices and keep their workers safe. If you spot any of the three thieves or spot their van, please call the SPD. The license plate of the van is: HA345K.

A few days ago a cat named Milton was found stuck in a tree just outside of town.

The police were called and came as quickly as they could to help but to no avail. No ladder that they had was long enough. The police called around town but no one else had a long enough ladder either. Milton's owner Susan McCreedie said “I was scared half to death that we would never get Milton down!” Eventually, the police called the fire station of Lakeview and they were able to help, but due to the distance between Greenway and Lakeview, it all took several hours.

Mayor Oliver McGeehin has been recommending that Greenway have it’s own fire station and in his reelection speech yesterday, he said that if he is elected a fire station will be one of the first things done.

New Hospital In Greenway

by Mayor Oliver

Much to the relief of the citizens, two weeks ago the city of Greenway opened a new hospital. In an interview with Dr. Sofia Burke, Head of the Greenway Medical Center, Dr. Burke said that “It has an ICU, NICU, and a state of the art emergency room in addition to top of the line hospital rooms.”

Mayor McGeehin said “I think that this hospital will help stop the spread of sickness and help us handle serious medical conditions locally. We have already seen a decrease in illness over the last two weeks and I'm happy that citizens no longer have to seek medical care in neighboring cities.”

Greenway Hospital is running smoothly and is there for you if the medical need arises.

Car Accident In Greenway

By Oliver

Last Monday on the corner of Main Street and Congress, two cars had a head on collision. One driver, age 16, was taken to hospital with a broken rib. The driver of the other vehicle was not hurt.

Dr. Bird of the Greenway Medical Center said “He will make a full recovery. His injuries are not serious. He will be discharged soon.”

The police are investigating the cause of the accident but Police Chief Smith said that “We suspect that speed is the cause of the incident.” He went on to remind the public to observe speed limits and that he was going to “Alert the mayor so that we can take further precautions.”

Bring in The Snow

by Mayor Kayleah

As we all know, there is a blizzard going to hit the State of Homestead very soon. Each city in the state must prepare their shelters and prepare for the worst to happen. We want to keep our beloved citizens safe of course! My co-mayor and I have done some preparation ourselves. We have decided to build a shelter underground, below our city hall. The city hall is a central location in our city and easy to access from all parts of the city. Our citizens will come here during an emergency and go underground to the emergency shelter to take refuge. The Stars Hollow emergency shelter has a bathroom, kitchen, a storage room full of food and emergency supplies, many bedrooms with multiple beds and chests, and tables and chairs for everyone. This shelter has just been finished for the citizens of Stars Hollow to use if necessary, during the blizzard this week. I hope that the other cities in the State of Homestead are preparing for the blizzard as well. Stay safe everyone!

BLIZZARD WARNING! Announcement from Mayor Ben! 

PREPARE! A serious blizzard is coming to our town in the next 48 hours. You can either shelter in place (and come get free supplies) or come to our shelter!

The School and University is closed, and we have converted it into a free shelter for our citizens so you all, and your pets and farm animals, can stay warm and safe. 

The University side is for people, and the library in the middle is already stocked with food, water, oil lamps, tools, and emergency supplies.

The K-12 side is for animals-  do not leave them behind or they could freeze. We are ready for them so they can be comfortable and it has dog houses, bowls, food and treats.  We love our animals, so we have also built a barn off the side of the school with stalls for large farm animals, and the cows can provide fresh milk for the people and their pets.  

We have also built a fireplace to keep all people and animals warm, so please come to the shelter if you do not have a way to heat your apartment without electricity. We will probably lose power, so it is important for you to know that you will not have heat if the power goes out. 

FREE: If you choose to shelter in place, please come get firewood, flint, water, water bottles at no charge.  You can find it in the chests on the outside of the barn, we have enough for all of our citizens. You can also come inside the school or go to our grocery store in the skyscraper and get food free of charge during this emergency.  

Do not try to drive anywhere once it starts snowing, because it could be dangerous.  If you get stuck or have an emergency, please call the fire department. They have tools and crow bars and trucks so you can call them to help but it is important that you not try to go anywhere once it starts snowing.  

Stay Safe,

 Mayor Ben

About the Mayors of Stars Hollow, including interviews

by Kaylee

Just recently the Mayors have come into power. Some people have mixed feelings about them but a lot of the citizens like them. Wendall Wilkie says, “How could you like those girls? Their taxes are way too high!” Now let's get an interview with the Co-Mayors. “We believe our citizens need all the basics like food, water and shelter right? They have that but we are working around the clock to make sure they keep those things. Working with Kaylee isn’t always easy but in the end we work it out by remembering that it isn't what we need, it's what the citizens need.” Kayleah says. But why do they think this way? Lets ask mayor Kaylee for some insight. “Working with Kayleah is hard… we haven’t always had the best time and we think of the citizens the way that we think about each other. We are friends and we believe that each and every citizen is our friend. But to answer your question, we think that way because it's better to think happy thoughts then to be dragged down by regrets.” Kaylee says. In my opinion the Mayors are doing a fine job, there can be some changes but I think we need to give them time to work it out.

New Mall in Greenway

By Oliver

A new mall just opened this week in Greenway with some fun new store fronts.

It has four stores which includes a delicious food court, a tech store, a textile store, and a furniture store. As for the looks of the mall, it’s pretty cool. It has a glass walkway with water underneath and fun glowing lights scattered all over. The open air feel is nice and the brick and wood combo is cool.

Overall it's a nice addition to the Greenway community and a good choice on the Mayor’s part. We hope that there are more things like it coming soon.

Yesterday, Mayor Oliver McGeehin of Greenway held a speech on the upcoming re-election and why he wants citizens to vote for him.

His main themes were taxes, his next project, and the environment. One of the projects he is planning on doing is a fire station which he says “...will have space for a ladder truck and at least two regular fire trucks.” Many citizens were happy to hear this. James Crow said “We have been worried about fires in the city and this will definitely improve public safety and has earned him my vote.”

The election will be held on may 21st and polling stations will be open all day.