Become a Movie Critic!

9 Diamonds Possible

Located at the Gatos Theater

In this project, you will learn a little bit about how to be a film critic. You will view a powerpoint about being a film critic. Then you will read an example of a review. Next you will see a movie and take notes while you see it in preparation for your own film review. Then you will write the review as a script. Finally, you will record a movie review blog and present it to Teacher Matt.


Read the powerpoint about film critics.

Click here on the powerpoint picture to download it.


Read this sample review of the movie. Click on the Inside Out picture to download it...


Watch this example of a movie review vlog that a kid made. 

Notice that he has a lot of clips running while he is talking about the movie. Don't worry, you don't need to have those. But you might make a picture to hang next to you while you do your vlog.


Next you are going to choose your movie. Remember, it should be one you have never seen or one that you have seen but you have to rewatch. Also, I would NOT choose The Lego Movie or Inside Out since you just saw examples for those 2 movies.

Before you watch it, make sure to download the Note Taking Sheet here and take notes while you watch. You may need to pause the movie to write down what you want to write. If you see it in a movie theater, you may want to write down your notes as soon as the movie ends!

Next, write out your review. You may want to review the powerpoint or Inside Out example before you start writing. Remember to follow this basic format:


*Movie Facts

*What Happens in the Movie

*Why you liked it or didn't like it (be specific, use examples)

*Conclusion/Wrap Up


Finally, record your Vlog. Keep in mind that you could put the paper in front of you and read it in front of the camera. If you want to do it this way, make sure to keep looking up at the camera, don't just look down as you are reading.

The other way to do it, is like in the example video. That boy had an idea what he wanted to say, but he said it in his own words. You could take what you wrote and then kind of summarize it in your own words, that way you will keep looking at the camera throughout the review. 

Either way is fine but if you do it the first way, you may need to add a lot of energy so it doesn't get boring as you read it.

If you do it the second way, you may want to pause the video to think of what you are going to say next.

*You have to write the review out in full

*Record the video (you will need a helper) and either upload it and share the link or share it with Teacher Matt on Google Drive

* Make sure to include the parts mentioned in the powerpoint: intro, facts, summary of what happens, your opinions with specific examples, conclusion

*You probably want to try a few recordings until it is your best work. It is easy to forget to look at the camera, mumble, or trip over what you want to say, so try it a few times to get it right :)


*Teacher Matt is grading out of a possible 9 Diamonds for Excellent Work