In order to get ready for our Metrocraft class, we ask that you download Minetest and install it on your computer. There are a few steps. We have included both step-by-step instructions and a tutorial video. Feel free to use whichever you are more comfortable with...


Note: If you have a Mac click here instead. If you have a PC continue on...

The first step is to install “Minetest.” Minetest is a free, public domain version of Minecraft. Minecraft and Minetest  are basically the same program, but Minetest allows us to make more modifications, it works on older computers and best of all, it’s free. Please note we generally find it is helpful to have a mouse when playing. Many kids have successfully played using a trackpad but it's definitely easier to play games of this sort with a mouse.

Tutorial Video

Once you follow the steps in the video and get to the log-in screen, put in the following info. For the Address/Port, put in and the port number 40657

For the name, simply put in your child's first name. For the password, put "outschool"

If you have any trouble with usernames or passwords, email and I can easily send  it over to you. Please let me know which town you are in, as we have a number of classes running.

STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS (you can use these instead of the tutorial above if you prefer)

Step 1:

Go to this website:

Step 2: For a windows computer, download the 64-bit. Click here if you have a Mac.

Step 3:

Once you download, it will ask you to open the Zip file. Open it up and then open the Minetest folder in your Downloads…


Step 4:

Finally open the Minetest program… (You may want to create a shortcut for your desktop or “pin it” to your taskbar to make it easier to find in the future)

Step 5:

The last step is to open Minetest and go to the “Join Game” tab



Thanks again for helping to get your child getready for Expert Architects!